Our Styled Adventure: Dublin

I thought I would try something different with this post. Our experience in Dublin has been wonderful, and Emily has the most amazing pictures to share, so instead of writing a lot, I am mostly going to let the photos tell the story of our last few days in Ireland. Enjoy!

Saying goodbye to Marie!!

We stayed just across the river from Temple Bar in the Ha'penny Bridge Building on the Millennium Bridge and the River Liffey. It was a super-cute Airbnb with a great amount of space.

We dropped our stuff off and went out pretty much right away. We had a lot of city to cover in two short days!

The River Liffey.

The hustle and bustle.

Reminding you to look the right way when crossing the street. Don't worry, Mom, I made sure to look both ways!!

We saw many beautiful architectural pieces on our walks.

And, of course, shopped our heads off. The below photos were taken at an amazing shop called Avoca. It's like our Anthropologie. Oh em gee, let's send the whole store home!

We finished our first night in Dublin at a pub called the Quays in Temple Bar. We were in search of Irish food, and luckily, they had a sampler that allowed us to have a few bites of each and really get to experience their specialties. Then, we called it early that night to do some laundry and have fun with face masks.

We were ready and excited to explore again the next day. It's raining; it’s pouring. We learned just how "water-resistant" our coats were not, and to think, we all got up and did our hair that morning. The shame! 😉 Eventually, we wised up and bought umbrellas. Mine is sooo cute!!

At brunch for the day!

On our walk to the post office to ship back half of Maggie's belongings and some of Em’s new purchases.

When we finally bought our umbrellas ... wait till you see them!

So cute, right?

Em loves puddles.

Since it was a rainy day, we made it our pub day and explored many different places. There is, again, a possibility that I got us lost for about 35 blocks out of the way, but what would this be if it weren't an adventure of exploration?

Soaking wet, we finally made our way back to Temple Bar and settled in for dinner at a super-awesome place called Elephant & Castle. We highly, highly recommend it if you are ever in Dublin.

We also went to the Quays again, but this time just to the bar, and danced for a while to an American cover artist. Everyone in the pub was dancing and singing their hearts out.

Then, we made our way in search of traditional Irish music and maybe a pub more or two. We landed in the perfect spot: the Temple Bar Pub. They were playing all the right music, and Em was in heaven.

We stayed out late, enjoying that last full night in Dublin and experiencing the night life and music. We still had a full day before we would head off to Paris and had planned to meet my, let’s say, pseudo-grandparents, who live just outside of Dublin. (Really, they’re my uncle-by-marriage’s parents.)

They are the cutest and the sweetest! They picked an amazing restaurant, and it was our absolute pleasure to spend our last day in Dublin with them. After all, when you are hanging out with true Irish people, lunch can be a whole-day affair. (As a side note, I hope to hold on to some of the European customs I have experienced — for example, really taking the time to not only enjoy my meal but also all the people I am with!!)

We dubbed Maggie the selfie queen. 😉

We shared each other's meals and desserts.

Eventually, it was time to say our goodbyes and head to the airport.

And, in the blink of an eye, we had left Ireland and were on to the next leg of our styled adventure: France! What a life we live, and what a dream this has been! There are so many more experiences to share and so much more love to be had.

Until next time ... au revoir from Paris!



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