Our Styled Adventure: From CLE to KEF

What started out as a whisper of an idea came to fruition today! Our once-in-a-lifetime dream trip is unfolding in front of us, three wedding-styling girls — Emily, Maggie and me — and our trusty sidekick, Marie. We are off to explore three different countries and shoot the most breathtaking wedding styled shoots you could ever imagine seeing.

Maggie, Haley and Emily in the CLE airport.

Maggie, Haley and Emily in the CLE airport.

A little back story ... Emily (E), Maggie (M) and I (H) love weddings — everything about them! We call ourselves the Dream Team. E is an exquisite wedding photographer; in the softest light, she catches the sickest picture ever. M is on the beauty team doing makeup; she knows just how to accentuate someone’s best features. And, as you probably know, I do hair — love hair! Ethereal and organic, I like to blend someone’s normal style with extraordinary touches to help her feel even more beautiful. It's an honor to be a part of someone’s very special day — we all feel that way really.

We would be remiss if we didn’t introduce you to Marie, our travel assistant for our trip and honorary Dream Team member. She is an awesome, gentle soul, who happens to be a school counselor, which is amazing! She came with us to be our trusty sidekick but also just to enjoy and experience this styled adventure.

Our lovely sidekick, Marie!

We first met up at the CLE airport, then flew to Boston where we picked up Marie and had an adventurous time finding our gate. (Imagine riding up and down the same set of escalators six times only to finally see the set of escalators you were missing all along!)

The best part about the flights and layovers were the friends we made along the way. On our first flight, we met three beautiful sisters from Boston and North Carolina who were thick as thieves. They reminded us of angels really: sweet and gentle and just what the doctor ordered for us girls.

In the Boston airport, while we waited for our next flight, we met a brother and sister duo, Hannah and Collin, who will be making an appearance later on in our trip, as we have made plans to meet up with them when we are in Dublin. Lots of Snapchats and nicknames later, our time seemed to fly by, and we were ready for our final flight. We were tired, but the excitement far overwhelmed the grogginess.

After a wild, long day of travel, we are so thrilled to say we made it to Iceland! (I just said that ... we are in Iceland?! Is this a dream or what?) Our first shoot and adventure will be in Reykjavik. Can you believe we might see the aurora borealis and that we get to explore a land of glaciers and black-sand beaches? Neither can we!! We are just so happy that after lots of laughs, and even some tears, we made it, and we can’t wait to share this incredible adventure with you!

If we were to pick a theme song for our first day of travel, it would be Sing Loud by Alpha Rev.

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With love,

H (+ E, M & Marie)


P.S. – Photo credit goes to Emily Millay Photography. Does she know how to capture a moment or what?