Our Styled Adventure: Final Days in Paris

I do not want to write this post. I do not! I do not want to believe this amazing trip is really coming to a close, but it really is. None of us are ready for the reality that is coming; that I can assure you.

Let me tell you about the rest of our trip. In the last post remember, we just came back in to Paris from the stunning south of France. Being late at night and missing a short little nugget (Maggie), we couldn't wait to leave the train station, get some food and call it a night.

We had a big next day planned. This was the day we briefly mentioned before where we rented an open-air scooter and super-cute Frenchman to take us around all of Paris. We saw sooo many beautifully amazing things! You just can't even unless you have been there.

I mean seriously stunning. I forgot to tell you we also took a boat tour at nighttime on the Seine — to die for! I highly, highly recommend it.

I mean, come on! Every time I look at those pictures, it's like I am back on that boat taking in these amazing views. You just can't even believe you are seeing it in real life. Emily does an absolutely amazing job telling the story of our adventure through her photos.

Back to our day of open-air scootering ... we went to lunch and shopped, saw all of the amazing spots you would want to see while in Paris, dropped our stuff off at home, and then set out for dinner and to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle. Are we serious right now??!!! Be still my humble beating heart. What a site to see!

Emily might have crashed another wedding photo session while we were sitting in awe of the tower.

We stayed till we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore. Then, we had our French boyfriend take us home. Time to sleep ... we have our final styled shoot set up for the morning. Early too! At 6 a.m.?? I think we missed the vacation part of this.  

Even our model thinks it's too early!)

Are you ready to see my hair?

I told you it was awesome, didn't I? I think I'm going to use it as a new style option.

I know! Stop it, right? Sneak peeks are so annoying.

I'm avoiding the inevitable. You know what's coming: the end. I can't even handle it right now.

We finished the shoot, took showers, got ourselves ready for our last day in Paris and went off. We had a little breakfast — I'm pretty sure I’m still drool thinking about the French bed and breakfast with butter and jam. Take me back. Then, we had an early lunch/dinner celebrating Maggie's birthday, and we went home to our amazing flat to pack and relax. The travel was sure to be a lot.

Our trip wouldn't be complete with out taking pizza in. (I've been detoxing for seven days now.) And yes, we did have to use scissors to cut our pizza.

We went to sleep, and then next we knew, we were headed for the airport. The heartbreaking reality jolt begins.

Most of our travel was smooth(ish), kind of. We barely made it to the gate in time for our connection to Iceland, and then, we were delayed for 40 minutes in Iceland. Shit. Our time in between landing in Boston and taking off was only an hour and a half. That left us just with 50 minutes. We had a plan: Run like hell, and don't stop till we get to United.

Pay for global entry, people. It is worth every dollar and every second. We skated through customs. We did not, however, skate through terminals, shuttles, confusion and maybe some yelling.

I'll let you guess what happens ... We didn't make it to the counter in time. They closed the gate. I cried; we rallied. We looked for other options: other airlines, trains?! Something, people, something!

It was like our journey was supposed to end like this. Emily and I looked at each other, and it was like we knew, “Are you thinking what I am thinking? Let's drive home.” Maggie decided she wanted to take the flight option they had, which flew her to New York and sent her to Cleveland the next morning, and Emily and I just wanted to be home. So we did just that.

Ten hours in a rental car overnight, after we had been on planes for 8 hours, and lots and lots of deer. (I was entirely sure we were going to die and also regretting my choice of declining their rental insurance.) I'm pretty sure both of us thought it was a bad choice multiple times through the drive, but with each passing hour, small naps and rest stops, we were inching closer to home. There really is nothing like home. It was the right choice for us, and I know we both would do it all over again.

Did I ever tell you how much I hate driving long distances in the car?! We arrived at 6 a.m., and we have lots of funny stories we can tell you that don't translate well via writing. (Ask Emily about her eyes crossing.) We dropped off our rental car, hired our last Uber and set off to our own homes.

I'm crying. This isn't real. What a whirlwind, what a dream. What a life we have been fortunate enough to live. But, don't cry yet! We have one more post for you that I'll share soon.

With so much love, endless gratitude, excessive hope and so much inspiration, we are crawling gratefully into our own beds and getting ready to fully re-enter our normal lives.


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